Building the World's Largest Beer Bottle Chandelier


Twisted Root Burger Company asked me to design and build an enormous beer-bottle chandelier for their new location in Coppell, TX. It comprises 400 bottles of different varieties, measures 9 feet high by 6-1/2 feet wide and weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 450 pounds, not including the steel column. It was constructed by hand from 423 separately cut wooden parts and 82 aluminum pieces, and is lit with more than 420 feet of LEDs. I have not officially verified that it's the world's largest, but I have yet to find one larger. (If you do, please let me know.)

Take a picture with it at 505 Houston St., Coppell, TX, and tweet me your photos @wesleytreat!

Thanks to:
▶ Rodney Treat with help in transportation and installation.
▶ Jason Boso for the commission.
▶ Tony Barsotti for the CNC router work.
▶ ENSO Fabrication for the waterjet cutting.
▶ Chris, Ryan and Spencer of Metal Arc Welding for help with installation.
▶ Bailie Duncan at Community Beer Company, Craig Bradley at Lakewood Brewing Co., and Scott Meyers and Julie Neatherlin at Revolver Brewing for bottle donations.

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